Dr. Daniel Pauly on the “aquacalypse”

Today on the show I interviewed Dr. Daniel Pauly, who is a professor at the UBC Fisheries Centre. Dr. Pauly is anfish-bowl expert in the field of marine ecosystems, and has been researching ocean life for over thirty years. Dr. Pauly is best known for his work studying the impact of humans on the world’s fisheries.

Pauly is the author of several books and over 500 scientific papers. He is a prolific communicator for the cause of saving and preserving our natural ocean habitats.

After earning his PhD from Kiel University in Germany, Pauly spent 15 years living in Manila working with the International Center for Living and Aquatic Resources Management. Pauly also created the online database called  FishBase— an online encyclopedia of fish and fisheries information comprising information on more than 30,000 different species. This project received world wide attention and is still prominent in fisheries biology.

Pauly is vocal about his views on public policy relating to fisheries. Pauly believes that governments should immediately stop subsidizing the fisheries industry, and the electorate should pressure governments to create marine protected areas. While Pauly does not place entire blame on the heads of consumers, he is quick to remind us that “eating a tuna roll at a sushi restaurant is no more environmentally benign that driving a Hummer or harpooning a manatee.”

In 2003 Pauly earned a place in the “Scientific American 50”, and in the same year, the New York Times labelled Pauly an “iconoclast.”

Click the link below to hear our Prof Talk episode with Dr. Daniel Pauly.

Prof Talk Interview with Dr. Daniel Pauly


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