Professor and Journalist Joe Cutbirth on Satire as news!

Today on the show, journalism student Jessica Michielin interviewed one of her own professors–Joe Cutbirth from the UBC Graduate School of Journalism.

Professor Cutbirth is originally from texas, and got his start as a journalist in his early twenties, after completing some courses at a state university. Professor Cutbirth landed an internship with a local paper in Wichita Falls, Texas, where he covered all of the traditional city beats, starting with the cop beat, the school board beat, moving on to city hall and finally to the courthouse. Professor Cutbirth reported for 14 years before pursing further academics.

As a journalist, Professor Cutbirth racked up awards from the Texas Women’s Political Caucus, the Texas Associated Press, and the Dallas Star. He earned his Master’s in Philosophy from Georgetown University.

Professor Cutbirth is currently completing his PhD from Columbia University in New York, while simultaneously teaching at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism. Joe’s dissertation examines the role John Stewart played in the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, and he will teach a graduate level seminar examining the role of satire in the news in the 2010 academic year.

Professor Cutbirth is currently working on a book called “Fake News, Real Politics”. This will be the book version of his dissertation.

Unlike some journalists, Professor Cutbirth is quite optimistic about the future of journalism.

“There is a wonderful future in journalism,” said Professor Cutbirth.”The future of journalism has never been more exciting or this bright since the 1930s.”

Joe feels that the discussion of journalism is too often reduced to a discussion of print newspapers–a medium he believes will not exist in Western culture, as we’ve traditionally known them, three years from now.

To hear more from Professor Cutbirth, learn more about the role of satire in news, and to hear his vision for the future of journalism, listen to this week’s podcast!

Prof Talk interview with Professor Joe Cutbirth


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