Amy Osborne–Reflecting on Darfur

Today on the show we heard an interview with Amy Osborne, a former UBC student who traveled to Darfur in 2006 with Doctor’s without Borders.

Amy decided to go to Darfur after watching a video shown in one of her UBC classes. While many university students are shown similar videos in a class setting, few decide to act and to do something about the situations they see. Amy is trained as a midwife, has worked in the Philippines and Afghanistan, and went to Darfur to do whatever she could to help. She is currently in med school, training to be a doctor.

In Darfur, Amy lived and worked in a refugee camp of 25,000 people. During her time in Darfur, she wrote a blog and posted pictures of her important work. Amy wanted to get the message out about what was and IS happening in Darfur. You can find her blog here:

As Amy tells us in the interview, during her first day in Darfur, she had to treat a six-year-old rape victim. This was only one of the countless traumatizing events Amy responded to in Darfur. Upon her return to Vancouver, Amy has remained passionate about raising awareness about the genocide in Darfur, but is frustrated with mainstream media, who largely ignore and choose not to cover the conflict.

Listen to the podcast of today’s show to hear Amy’s story. It is a very powerful interview.

Prof Talk interview with Amy Osborne


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